Botson contract ended

Zahraa Humadi, Features Reporter

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Job Botson was the Psychology and Art teacher at THMS for five years before he got fired for a simple misunderstanding.

I just believe in the concept of teaching a child how to fish instead of giving him a fish all the time.”

— Job Botson

Botson has always had a non-traditional view on teaching, and was known for staying far away from normal class procedures and instead favored using class discussions and presentations to teach his classes.

“While some people teach students facts, I try to help my students think,” Botson said.

Botson believes that class discussions help the students understand each other more, thus giving them an idea of how other people think and grow psychologically.

“I just believe in the concept of teaching a child how to fish instead of giving him a fish all the time,” Botson said.

Botson’s style of teaching revolves around real life situations and simulations and getting the students to think.

According to Botson, the school does not appreciate his social experiments and his teaching ideology.

Numerous attempts were made by the Cactus Chronicle to talk to THMS administration on the matter; however, administration declined to comment.

The school administration are not the only people who do not appreciate his teaching styles, some of his past students don’t agree with the way he teaches.

Junior Brittany Tannor believes that he is qualified in the psychology field but his ideas do not work for her.

“I felt like he was a good teacher in terms of psychology because he told us that he had degrees,” Tannor said, “He knew what he was talking about I just didn’t like his teaching style.”

Sophomore Nicole Mahon didn’t agree with his teaching style but did think he had some good ideas.

“He was really chill.  He didn’t teach us a lot though, it’s almost as if he expected us to know the material to a unit that he never really taught,” Mahon said.

Senior Nataly Rivera has always wanted to pursue a career in psychology and she seemed to believe that Botson’s way of teaching was one reason for why she didn’t want to pursue her dream anymore.

“I was so excited to take the class last year, because it’s psychology and that’s what I wanted to major in, in college,” Rivera said.

Rivera didn’t like the class because it seemed boring to her and she couldn’t keep her eyes open.

“I was so excited, but when I got there I just wasn’t interested anymore,” Rivera said.

While a lot of people didn’t appreciate his style he has made an impact on a couple students.

“He told us the truth about life and he taught us real lessons that we will end up needing in the real world,” Sophomore Brianna Codner said.



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Botson contract ended