The fight for Human Rights comes to campus

THMS holds Human Rights club

Karin Canedo and Julieta Bustamante

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The THMS Human Rights Club has emerged this school year, looking to make a difference.

The club participates in various events and rallies outside of school, relating to racial or equality issues.

The  club talks about different issues and organizes educational programs aimed at promoting student understanding of the issues.

“I enjoy the club because I feel that we are doing something really positive and working towards making a change,” sophomore vice president Anna Cohen said.

Cohen participates in the club because she feels that now is an important time to be aware of the issues connected to human rights.

“Everybody deserves to be treated with kindness and respect,” Cohen said.

Cohen believes it is important to have a club that fights for human rights at school because many students care about these issues, yet don’t have an opportunity to get involved in this topic.

“As high school students, we are the future, and it is important to have knowledge of these issues, and how they will affect our lives,” Cohen said.

Topics include equality, LGBTQ rights, women’s reproductive rights, immigrant’s rights and the new administration policies.

Biology and integrated science teacher Marea Jenness, is the adviser.

The club recently participated in the Women’s March this past January, where they proudly held a banner of their new club.

The club also attended an anti-Muslim ban march Jan. 31, downtown.

Freshman Pilar Muller, a member of the human rights club, she says she goes to events to have her voice heard, and to show what she believes in.

“Going to the Women’s March was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had, standing in solidarity with 15,000 other people all trying to get our voices heard and make a change in the world,” Muller said.

Freshman Elara Wallenmeyer is the president of this new club.

Wallenmeyer sees the club as a tool for working together and being close to each other.

“I think our club is pretty close in terms of being able to work well together, communicate and stay in touch,” Wallenmeyer said.

THMS students, faculty and staff are welcomed and encouraged to join the Human Rights Club, to have their voice heard and become involved.

The Human Rights club meets at 3:30 every Friday in T172.

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The fight for Human Rights comes to campus