New Variety of Classes to hit THMS

Prashamsa Raut, News Reporter

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I sat down and spoke with the Pima College professor and their department chair and we looked over their curriculum and my syllabus”

— Sheila Marquez

With the end of the school year, teachers, students and staff alike are gearing up for the addition of brand new classes to THMS rosters for the following school year.

These new classes include Mandarin, Global Issues for freshman, AP European History, Dual Enrollment Anatomy, Advancement Via Individual Development (AVID) and Writing 101.

Mandarin along with Writing 101 was offered a few years back however the classes couldn’t be sustained due to lack of teachers.

“It [Mandarin] was always popular” College and Career Counselor Karla Garcia said.

Language Department Head and Spanish teacher, Angelica Chavira-Ruiz, said that because it is so popular one class period has already been filled.

“The World Languages department is excited to offer Chinese for our students. Learning a second language brings many benefits to the individuals and we are so proud to say that THMS offers four languages to our badger students.” Chavira-Ruiz said.

The return of Mandarin means that the language classes won’t be filled to maximum capacity.

In previous years, the language classes have been filled especially the beginning 1,2 classes because of the influx of freshman, sophomores and juniors who need it for admissions into universities.

Chavira -Ruiz is hopeful that with the coming years they can expand this program and offer more than just the beginning level.

Writing 101 a dual enrollment class with Pima Community College (PCC), which is returning the coming fall, there are pre-requisites.

“You have to do your Pima application, take the placement test…students need to take the reading and writing placement test and they have to place into Writing 101 and Reading 112 or higher” Garcia said.

Another PCC Dual Enrollment class coming to THMS is Anatomy, officially listed on the roster as Bio 160 PCC Anatomy/ Physiology.

This class will be taught by longtime THMS anatomy teacher Sheila Marquez.

“I’ve been looking into it [Dual Enrollment Anatomy] for several years now, trying to figure out ‘could this be possible?’ Marquez said.

Despite this being a college class Marquez mentioned that the curriculum she currently teaches is relatively similar to what is taught at the Pima class.

“I sat down and spoke with the Pima College professor and their department chair and we looked over their curriculum and my syllabus” Marquez said.

This class would be beneficial for students looking to gain college credit because there is no risk associated with it.

“I’m going to teach all of my classes probably exactly the same as the way I’m going to teach my college class” Marquez said.

In relation to college, a nationwide college preparation course called AVID is being implemented at THMS.

AVID which stands for Advancement Via Individual Development is a course that can be taken by sophomores and juniors.

Freshman looking to take AVID will have to take the preliminary course, Pre-AVID which is also a new addition to the roster.

The purpose of AVID is to “target secondary students with the desire to go to college” as stated by their website.

Sophomores next year can also choose to take AP European History instead of taking the traditional World History route.

AP European focuses on the history of the peoples within the European continent from pre-history to the present instead of broadening the history to encompass the world.

Although this is THMS’ first year, local TUSD high school, University High School has offered this course for several years.

With all the new classes being implemented during the 2017-2018 school year students are sure to get a better taste for diversity in an already diverse environment.

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New Variety of Classes to hit THMS