District website hacked

Nadira Mitchell, Cactus Chronicle

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TUSD’s website was hacked last month by the pro-ISIS hacker group Team System DZ.

Visitors of the website were redirected to, “an iFramed YouTube page containing an audible Arabic message, unknown writing, and a picture of Saddam Hussein [the president of Iraq from 1979 to 2003 known for his brutal dictatorship],” according to TUSD.

TUSD was among 800 school and district websites across four states in the nation to be hacked by the group through the Atlanta-based web-vendor SchoolDesk.

SchoolDesk is cooperating with several law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, to trace the source of the intrusion.

TUSD noted that these intrusions were not exclusively limited to SchoolDesk websites. Several other unrelated websites were affected as well.

“All websites, website content, and user data IS secure and unaltered, and all websites are currently up and working without issue,” TUSD said. “Our team will be working diligently to continue to strengthen our network, websites and all sources of access to prevent such activities from occurring again.”

Any new information has not been released, and the hack is still under investigation.

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District website hacked