Traditions of Champions

A look at the culture of the girls basketball team

Samantha Castillo, Cactus Chronicle

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According to the THMS girls’ basketball team, of all of their team traditions, the greatest one is winning.

For the past few years, the girls have been nearly undefeated—losing only one playoff game.

Before every single game, the team assembles in the locker room for a pre-game talk and prayer.

All the girls hold hands in a circle, the prayer lead by either the coaches or one of the senior players.

“I love when we do the prayer,” junior Kyla Stembridge said. “I’m religious so it helps me clear my mind and prepare me for the game. It also makes us come together as a team.”

When the JV game is over, the varsity players rush into the gym.

The crowd screams and cheers to get the varsity girls’ blood pumping.

“I love how everyone gets all hype and excited to see us play—it feels really good,” junior Kyauna Luna said. “It helps us get our energy level up.”

The most important tradition comes with the holidays.

The girls hold a Christmas dinner, decorate ornaments for friends and family and exchange Secret Santa gifts.

“It’s so nice to spend quality time with all of the levels. It helps us bond, not only as a team, but also as a family,” senior Rachel Obedin said.

On parent night, the girls’ parents are introduced to the audience. The girls race to their parents to them roses and handwritten letters thanking them for all they do.

At the end of the season, a lucky few participate in their final basketball tradition: Senior Night.

Seniors wear decorative sashes and crowns all day to show their pride pn the court.

At the final home game, the team says their formal goodbyes to their seniors.

Their teammates present them with personalized gift baskets and flowers.

During the game, the JV and freshmen teams hold signs made for each of the seniors and throw shirts into the crowd.

It is all very festive, and is one of the most important traditions in girls’ basketball.

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Traditions of Champions