Spotlight: TUGO

Tucson introduces TUGO public bike share system

Nadira Mitchell, Cactus Chronicle

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Tucson has hopped on the bandwagon and introduced a new means of sustainable transportation: rental bikes.

The TUGO, the first public bike share system in Tucson, launched Nov. 17 and provides Tucson with 330 new bikes at 36 locations, including 13 neighborhoods.

With several bike share stations conveniently located near the University of Arizona and THMS, students have access to the TUGO bike share system.

THMS Students like Cassidy Chamillard, who already rides her personal bike to school a few times a week, is determined to try out one of the new system.

“Not everyone here has a car or wants to drive,” Chamillard said. “With TUGO bikes being right outside our campus, it gives everyone the chance to try them out.”

People can purchase TUGO’s $8 daily pass at kiosks located at the stations or on the Cyclefinder app, which also shows the bike station locations throughout Tucson.

The $18 monthly pass and the $80 annual pass which lasts a year, are available on TUGO’s website.

People who qualify for state benefits like the SNAP program are eligible for the $5 access pass.

“Tucson is already full of bike riders,” Chamillard said. “The new bike share system offers everybody the opportunity to ride, no matter who they are.”

The passes offer unlimited 30 minute use on the bikes throughout the day, month or year depending on the pass. After 30 minutes you just return the bikes to any of the 36 locations.

If your bike use exceeds 30 minutes, there is an additional $4 fee for daily pass users and a $2 fee for monthly and annual pass users.

“My friends and I have all agreed we want to spend a day using them,” Chamillard said.

Bike share programs make cities more attractive to visitors because it allows people to experience Tucson without the hassle of cars, buses or walking.

The bikes are easy to access, affordable and don’t produce pollution like cars and buses do.

“I think it’s really important to support TUGO because it’s not only supporting keeping Tucson bike friendly, but it looks like a lot of fun and is more environmentally friendly,” Chamillard said.

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Spotlight: TUGO