How to balance your senior year

Pascal Albright, Arts & Environment Reporter,Sound Editor,Copy Editor

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Senior year in high school doesn’t only bring higher standards but also stress on trying to find the right balance between home, school, and work.

Fifty-one percent of teenagers are reported to feel stressed because of school and fifty-five percent of students reported they were stressed in school in the last year.

Stress can be caused by an abundance of homework, low understanding of what teachers are teaching, extra curricular activities, social pressures but most importantly by trying to balance time to live an average student’s life.

The average high school senior starts their day early and on average about 20 to 35 percent skip out on breakfast because of a rush to get to school on time.

Then after a long day of a maximum of eight hours of school, the average student has another one to two hours of extracurricular activities ranging from sports to tutoring.

After that the student has a minimal of one hour of homework every day—not including studying.

In addition some seniors also work adding more time to their already busy schedule.

Stress can accumulate and after a certain build up it is released causing the student to hit rock bottom.

As a senior who wakes at five and goes to school from eight until three on an average day with about two hours of homework and a part-time job which can sometimes keep me up until midnight, I understand that trying to balance time accordingly can be tough.

Thirty-one percent of teens feel overworked and overwhelmed due to stress.

On top of all the school and work and involvement, a senior in high school must also worry about getting ready for college and planning for the future.

College deadlines, financial aid forms, workshops and fairs make up a majority of a senior’s outside activity their first semester of school.

Many websites offer tips on how to balance time with answers ranging from making a to-do-list daily or dedicating a set schedule to complete homework and not do it last minute or late at night.

Most sites recommend setting aside time for important things like healthy meals, getting enough sleep daily and using all possible opportunities to your advantage.

As a student who is involved I recommend finding out what works best for the individual student. Everyone differs from involvement and sleep hours so that is why it is important to try multiple things.

A study at the University of Arizona says that eight hours of sleep is ideal for a teenager and will reduce stress if maintained.

Most seniors don’t realize the opportunities they have to help with school and maintaining a healthy school/work/home time balance, but I speak from experience and know that it can be done.

THMS offers opportunities and services to help with balancing time but it is up to the student to take those opportunities and run.

Studies show that a mere 34 percent of teenagers use their time wisely and balance a healthy lifestyle.

As a student one must complete all that is required, but also leave an hour for personal time.

My recommendation is trying to play with the different ways on how to balance a lifestyle and build your own mix.

One must remember to keep the stress to a minimal, not take on more that one can chew and open the mind to helpful opportunities as well as get regular sleep hours and maintain a healthy school/work/home balance.

Keep in mind all the websites and studies but also make time for yourself, staying busy can be a distraction to dealing with stress but it can also build it up.

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How to balance your senior year