THMS Poetry Club in need of Members

THMS Poetry club in desire of members

Karin Canedo, Student Council Reporter

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In the past it was enjoyable because the students were all very excited to participate and share what they have created”

— Luis Rivera

For everyone who enjoys poetry, writing, rhymes and alliteration are welcomed in the THMS Poetry Club.

The club is guided by Luis Rivera, an English teacher in the THMS community.

Meetings occur on Mondays during conference and are held in room M312.

The club gives students an opportunity to let their mind go free, and write their thoughts on paper.

Joining a poetry club can give the student a new experience in writing and socializing with other students.

The poetry club was created to engage students in activities at the school like the Poetry Slam, and where they can share their opinions freely.

“For students to have a location where students feel safe to share their written work.” Rivera said.

Currently the poetry club does not have any members, Rivera is looking for students that want to join the club.

Rivera is encouraging students to join the club, so they have participants for the upcoming events.

Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors are all welcomed to the club, everyone who wants to join can sign up.

Rivera is eager because in the last few weeks, no students have yet to enlist in the club.


The club plans to do workshops, perform all types of creative writing and especially poetry.

The poetry club has been part of the school in past years, it has been a good experience for the teachers and students at THMS.

“In the past it was enjoyable because the students were all very excited to participate and share what they have created,” Rivera said.

Students are overall interested in writing, poetry and sharing their work with their classmates.

THMS had the Poetry Club available past years but this year students have not joined the club.

“The poetry club has been part of THMS for many years and it would be sad for this year, to be the first year that doesn’t get created” Rivera said.

The students from the poetry club are able to participate in school events like the Poetry Slam during the second semester.

Joining a club gives you an opportunity to spend time with classmates and also colleges look at your participation.

This could be a great year for the THMS community and the poetry club if students join, and give their best to make their own work and share it to the THMS community.

Joining a club like the poetry club, can keep people distracted from the ordinary routines and also spend time with classmates in a secure place.

Contact [email protected]@org to join the club.

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THMS Poetry Club in need of Members