Tucson High takes a knee

Tucson High takes a knee

January 19, 2018

Why early school start times are hurting your health

Sofia Gerhart, Editorials Reporter

October 9, 2016

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It’s 7:45 on monday morning, and the line at the Starbucks on University Blvd. is out the door. The line is made solely of THMS and University of Arizona students, leaning half asleep against walls and shelves stocked with m...

Changing Conference Times means Trouble for Some Students

Sofia Gerhart, Editorial Reporter

September 22, 2016

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After the sixth period bell rang on Monday, Aug. 29, a frantic energy along with calls of “I have to go to conference,” burst from the east gym. Tucson High’s student council had collectively missed their Monday classe...

Dress-code faux pas?

Odalys Catalan, Political Cartoonist

September 16, 2016

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THMS political cartoon, featuring the drawings and opinion of freshman Odalys Catalan.

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Encouragement for Women’s Studies can lead to empowerment for young girls

Karen Brereton, Women's Literature Teacher

September 13, 2016

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One Halloween when I was young, I decided to dress up as an astronaut.  The only astronaut costumes were in the boys’ department, so I had to make my own from an old white sheet and some aluminum foil. It looked great, but I ...