2017-2018 Staff

Joseph Waley


Joseph likes sports and has participated in Track and Field for three years. He aspires to be an engineer and wants to attend either Arizona State University or Northern Arizona University.

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Ricky Robles


Ricky likes photography, art, writing. He wants to live in California and plans on going to Pima Community College.

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Grace Sanders


Grace likes art and rock climbing. She is considering pursuing a career neuroscience and wants to attend the University of Washington.

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Samantha Castillo


Samantha loves her dog, Chloe, and photography. She is also on the Tucsonian Yearbook staff.

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Odalys Catalan


Odalys is a fan of dogs and lasagna. In her free time she draws and plays in a band called "February Mayhem." She also believes in cryptids and likes to watch "Titanic" on repeat.

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Nadira Mitchell


Nadira plays viola in the THMS symphony orchestra and is a member of MESA. In her free time, she volunteers at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum and aspires to be a wildlife biologist. She is Bourland's favorite student.

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Declan McCormick


Declan is enjoys photography and podcasting. He aspires to be a photographer and plans on attending the University of Arizona.

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Julieta Bustamante


Julieta likes fashion and reading. She aspires to be a creative designer and dreams of attending UCLA. Her favorite aspect of journalism is meeting new people.

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